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Post  Phyllis on Tue Dec 23 2008, 15:16

What a pleasure to welcome you to the Ara Forum! Thanks to the hard work and creativity of Tink and Marloes, and excellent advice from Ally and Tina, we now have this wonderful, ethereal but very real gathering place for our community. Practitioners of the Ara Tradition are spread across the world, so the Forum provides a place for us to explore our experiences, ask questions, give and receive support and share our journeys. Itís a place for us to get to know one another better and a way for each of us to grow as individuals and for all of us to grow as a community.

In joining the Forum, you will find that is a multi-faceted chat room with places for those whoíve taken workshops, those preparing for Initiation, for Initiates and Elders. Trust is essential to good communication and to building community, so we ask that you respect one anotherís confidentiality when you participate in any of the dialogues on the Forum, and of course, that you treat one another with respect, especially if and when you disagree. Our goal is to understand one anotherís points of view and to expand our own. Please take a moment to review the Forum Rules and Management section before you begin.

The Ara Forum is our communication network, our public square, our village green, our collegium. It is a place where we meet to seek the sacred in ourselves and to recognize and cultivate it in one another, a place to share our explorations of a sacred world, both ordinary and extraordinary. We hope you will bring your curiosity and passion, your generosity and good will and we look forward to building the community that this Forum encourages.

Phyllis Curott,
H.Priestess & Founder of the Tradition of Ara

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